D2.9 – Recurrence rate of tsunamis of earthquake, volcanic and landslide origin
Deliverable report, January 2015

D2.43 – New results of the offshore record of tsunami deposits and MTDs in the NEAM region: The southwestern iberian margin case
Deliverable report, April 2017

D2.44 – Georeferenced database of tsunami deposits and MTDs in the NEAM region
Deliverable report, April 2017
ASTARTE Paleotsunami deposits database

D3.16 – GIS database of risk-driving offshore active faults, tsunamigenic landslides, eruptive volcanoes, and their parameters

D3.40 – Guidelines for harmonization of source scenarios for use in tsunami hazard and risk assessment
Deliverable report, April 2017

D5.3 – Lessons From Recent Tsunamis Impacts on Coastal and Marine Structures and Coastal Utilities, and Performance of Mitigation Strategies
Deliverable report

D5.10 – Interaction of the tsunami with the seabed. Implications for wind farms, aquaculture, coastal ecosystems and marine protected areas.
Deliverable report, June 2015

D5.22 – Recommendations on cost effective solutions and mitigation measures to reduce adverse effects and increase resilience in post tsunami harbor operations
Deliverable report, June 2016

D5.30 – Performance of different types of breakwaters and coastal protection structures under tsunami attack
Deliverable report, April 2017

D8.8 – Tsunami Hazard Assessment Methods: application in the NEAM region and in the ASTARTE test sites