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Do you fear the loss of life and infrastructure due to tsunamis? Even if we can't control the
natural calamities, we can surely strengthen ourselves!

The main objectives Are :

long term recurrence of tsunamis

Earthquakes in the Atlantic Ocean are not predictable, and so is the threat of tsunamis. We have advanced tools to keep track every time.

tsunami generation mechanisms

We effectively track the root cause of all tsunamis and analyze them well to design resilient models capable of withstanding the impact.

computational tools for hazard assessment

Our risk assessment and impact rate calculations utilize cutting-edge programmed equipment to draw quick and accurate predictions.

understanding of tsunami interactions

Ocean waves interact differently in every tsunami bringing out numerous analytics to compare and assess. We dedicate research to study all.

Our Methodology

ASTARTE consists of 10 work packages (WPs)


WP1 is devoted to Project coordination and management



WPs 2-5 focus on tsunami recurrence, generation mechanisms, numerical modeling and coastal impacts


WPs 6-8 focus on detection and communication infrastructures, early warning and forecast and risk assessment


WP9 aims at building tsunami resilient societies in Europe


WP10 is devoted to dissemination and exploitation of results

Assessment, STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe

The Challenge

Tsunamis are low frequency but high impact natural disasters. In 2004, the Boxing Day tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people from many nations along the coastlines of the Indian Ocean. Tsunami run-up exceeded 35 m.

The Concept

The on-going set up of the North Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas region (NEAM) tsunami warning system (TWS) needs to consider these lessons when developing societal and structural resilience, also considering that, on average, there is one decametric tsunami per century in the region and many more of smaller size.

The Goal

ASTARTE is organized to foster tsunami resilience in Europe, through innovative research on scientific problems critical to enhance forecast skills in terms of sources, propagation and impact. ASTARTE will employ lessons on coastal resilience learned from disaster surveys following tsunamis and hurricane surges.


"With the ASTARTE project's effective planning, our society now stands strong against all tsunamis. The team was
quick on planning and proficient in its work. "
Joe D. Stewart

Latest Updates

Expected Results ASTARTE

Improve the knowledge on tsunami generation

Development of numerical techniques for tsunami simulation concentrating in real-time codes and novel statistical emulations, and Refined methods for the assessment of tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk Better tools for forecast and warning tools candidate tsunami watch providers (CTWPs) and national tsunami warming centers (NTWCs)