ASTARTE presence in EGU General Assembly 2015

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The EGU General Assembly 2015 was a great success with 4,870 oral, 8,489 poster, and 705 PICO presentations. 577 unique scientific sessions together with 310 side events created an interesting programme. At the conference 11,837 scientists from 108 countries participated, of which 23% were students.

ASTARTE had a visible presence in this meeting. Bellow you can find a list of ASTARTE's presentations in EGU 2015.

Preliminary results of very fast computation of Moment Magnitude and focal mechanism in the context of tsunami warning

Is the debate on the sources of large historical tsunamigenic earthquakes along the Italian coasts closed? The tsunami research point of view

Worst-case scenario approach to the tsunami hazard assessment for the coastal areas between Augusta and Siracusa, eastern Sicily, Italy

Evidence for paleotsunami deposits at Kefret Saber and El Alamein, Mediterranean coast of Egypt

The Tagus River delta (off Lisbon, Portugal) as a repository of landslides. Implications on trigger mechanisms, tsunami hazard and neotectonics

Scenario Based Approach for Multiple Source Tsunami Hazard Assessment for Sines, Portugal

Developing an event-tree probabilistic tsunami inundation model for NE Atlantic coasts: Application to case studies

Contribution of large submarine landslide to tsunami potential in the NE Atlantic region: The Gorringe Bank case study

Space-Time Distribution of Tsunami Impact in the European-Meditterranean Region as Results from a New Tsunami Catalogue

Fukushima nuclear power plant accident was preventable

Tsunami hazard assessment in Nice, France, and influence of uncertainties in source parameters

A Preliminary Tsunami Vulnerability Analysis for Yenikapi Region in Istanbul

Assessment of Tsunami Hazard for Western coast of the Black sea

Tsunami Questionnaire Survey in Heraklion Test Site, Crete Island, Greece

Preliminary Seismic Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Map for Italy

The landslide tsunami at Statland, mid-Norway, January 2014

Tsunami generation due to submerged blocks and deformable landslides involving retrogression

Aleatory and Epistemic uncertainty treatment in Seismic Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis

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