ASTARTE #1 Geophysical Marine Survey (with photos)

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The ASTARTE #1 geophysical marine survey  took place from the 19th-29th May 2014 onboard the vessel Xu-Nauta. 

The mission was conducted by IPMA with Pedro Terrinha as chief scientist together with researchers from LNEG. João Noiva (IPMA) will coordinate data processing efforts.

The scientists collected multichannel seismic data, covering more than 300 nautical miles (now under processing), in the offshore of  Quarteira, Algarve, South of Portugal. In this area, the historical documents of the 1755 Lisbon tsunami report that wave heights exceeded 10m. The pre-collected vibro and gravity cores of the area (existing at IPMA) will serve as calibration for stratigraphy and detection of backwash tsunami deposits.

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