Expected Results

ASTARTE will result in:

  1. Improve the knowledge on tsunami generation involving novel empirical data and statistical analyses so that the long-term recurrence and associated hazards of large events in sensitive areas of the NEAM could be established
  2. Development of numerical techniques for tsunami simulation concentrating in real-time codes and novel statistical emulations, and
  3. Refined methods for the assessment of tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk
  4. Better tools for forecast and warning tools candidate tsunami watch providers (CTWPs) and national tsunami warming centers (NTWCs)
  5. Guidelines for tsunami Euro Codes Guidelines for decision makers so that sustainability and resilience

In summary, ASTARTE will develop critical scientific and technical elements required for a significant enhancement of the Tsunami Warning System (TWS) in the NEAM region in terms of monitoring, early warning and forecast, governance and resilience. Overall, this will lead to the goal of the European/NEAM Horizon 2020 strategy: to foster tsunami resilient communities